Meet Our Guides..


We offer the unique opportunity to design your own private e-scooter tour or choose from one of the most favourite tours given. Both in times which suites YOU the best!

So it is all up to you. Leave your worries behind and let our experienced guides to help you discover secret places you would not see by foot.



My name is Magda and I have been living in Prague my whole life. I am communicative, open-minded and love meeting new people.

If you're thinking about an e-scooter ride, dont't hesitate! That's one of the best thing you can do here. Seriously, without any question! 

You will enjoy every single minute of your tour - I promise ;)



I study design and architecture, laughing and traveling... The unusual experiences make me happy. I enjoy the art in galleries as well as the art of everyday life. During my studies in France I was discovering different cultures which make me always curious.

That is also the reason why I enjoy guiding tourists. When guiding I prefer little discussion which usually serve a pleasant time and the opportunity to learn something for everyone. As I have been living in Prague since I was born I can show you the most spectacular places as well as those where the locals go for ice-cream ;-)

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